Welcome to the docs!

This site is intended to provide up to date, working guides and examples to the Claromentis development REST APIs, as well as tutorials and tech notes on other aspects of the Claromentis platform.

Getting started

If you're unfamiliar with REST APIs as a whole or could do with some memory jogging, take a look at the basics. If you find yourself stuck or need a hand, please contact us and we'll do our best to help out.

All about REST


To be able to use most of the APIs here you will need to be authenticated first.

Find out more about Authentication

Error Handling

This page details the way the Claromentis REST APIs return errors and details some common HTTP response codes that we return.

Find out more about Error Handling


There are several tutorials available to give you a gentle introduction to what it possible with the Claromentis REST APIs

See a full list of tutorials


Here you'll find full documentation on the REST APIs available in Claromentis

See a full list of Claromentis module REST APIs

Custom Development

Claromentis offer custom development services if you'd prefer. If the API doesn't quite cover all your needs, please raise this with us. We want to make our APIs as useful to our customers as possible and would love to hear your feedback.